Learn To Play The Native American Style Flute

This little book is the perfect place to start your journey of learning to play the Native American style flute (NAF). No musical experience is necessary. In fact, for many people, learning to play the NAF is their first experience playing an instrument. This book will guide you through the basics of playing your flute right away.

If you want video support as you work through the book, get Ami’s recorded course that walks you directly through the book. Dozens of videos and audios help you through the book.

This popular book is available on Amazon. It is also available as a recorded course. 

Beginner Native American Style Flute Book

Musician’s Heart Journey

Musician’s Heart Journey  is a journaling course and daytimer method for musicians who enjoy journaling and desire to get in touch with the voice of the inner musical muse. This important inner resource illuminates the next step on your unique musical path, week by week. Meditations, writing prompts, and a two-step journaling method, escort the reader on a journey where you create and develop your unique, heart-centered musical goals.

Highlights include:

  • Musical Breath Meditation
  • Future Musician Self Meditation
  • Provisions for the Journey
  • Musical Library Meditation
  • Musical Timeline Creation
  • Heart-centered Musical Goal-setting
  • Mapping the Journey
  • Weekly Compass
  • Virtual Magnifying Glass
  • Segmenting Your Practice
  • Open Pages
  • … and so much more!

Five Star Review

“When I first saw this journal, I expected it to be like most other journals–but it’s not! There are a lot of well thought out, detailed questions that help you examine your life, passions, inspirations. You can also download the corresponding meditations recordings on her website for free. This is great for musicians who feel stuck and aren’t sure which direction to go in and also for musicians who haven’t played in awhile, but who want to dive back in.”

C. L. Piper

Five Star Review

“Musician’s Heart Journey has blended two of my passions—music and journaling! I have been seeking a way to make a shift with my music. It gives me a road map, tools, and a journal all in one. There is ample space to write or draw to my heart’s content. The quality and content of this journal are uniquely different than any journal I have ever used.”

Debbie B.

Five Star Review

“Musician’s Heart Journey is a great companion for any musician’s journey. The author provides guidance to explore your inner musical muse by using guided meditations to go inward, to listen deeply. This helps me structure my daily practice better. An outstanding resource and a beautiful publication.”

Lilli M.

Five Star Review

“As a child, I was a music lover. We could not afford an instrument so I sung in church and school choirs. As an adult, I am now teaching myself how to play the keyboard. The tools in Musician’s Heart Journey are teaching me how to relax and think about what music means to me. This is a great book for anyone who desires to release anxiety, tension, or stress can learn how to focus and explore what is within.”

Rebecca P.

Five Star Review

“I love this book! It is the exploration of the musician in your soul. I loved the meditations and the spaces to write my innermost musical thoughts, as well as the guidance it gives my journaling. This book opens the door to your musicality, exploring what you know and maybe opening yourself to trying something new! I recommend this book to any musician.”

Marylee G.

Five Star Review

“A wonderful resource for inspiration and focus! I especially like the tools of the Compass and Magnifying Glass to create reflection on how you have spent your musical week and where you might want to go. I am excited about using this journal to integrate my musical interests and help me to choose paths for their growth.”

Susan B.

Five Star Review

“Musician’s Heart Journey takes you on a path – your own personal journey – to dig deeper into the “why” music is important to you. The book very gently leads you into discovering what your musical self is truly all about. This is a positive book – no beating yourself up over not advancing, not being perfect with your music! This is a delightful and enjoyable read with short, manageable journaling exercises. Even if you have not journaled much before you’ll find this guided heart’s journey a calming part of your day.”

Jill G.

Five Star Review

“This is a wondrous and beautiful journal. I am in awe of the work that the author put into this book. I love journals and, as a musician, this journal is one I am looking forward to using! The first 60 pages introduce the pattern and purpose of the journal. The rest of the book is 52-weeks of prompts following the guidelines. I really like the connection of writing and music that is important to me. I am looking forward to a year of getting deeper into my music and my understanding of it.”

Barry L.

Five Star Review

“If you are a musician and love journaling, this book is for you! I heard about this book from a friend. I loved the idea of a book that combines my love of journaling with my musical background. The book has many great ways to explore your inner musical muse. This method helps prepare you to write. I really like reading back on what I wrote. This book gives you the opportunity to do just that and set goals for the coming week. I am looking forward to seeing my musical vision unfold. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to document their own musical journey.”

Katrina C.

Musician’s Practice Journal

The Musician’s Practice Journal is a simple method to finally get organized and directed in your musical life. Instead of showing up for your music practice with confusion and lack of focus, the Musician’s Practice Journal guides you every single day, week by week, one month at a time. This ultimate practice tool illuminates the next step on your musical journey.

At the end of each week, journal prompts reveal the direction to go toward developing your authentic sound—the one that makes your heart sing.

The Musician’s Practice Journal method of journaling invokes the intuitive voice (your inner musical muse), as well as gives you a system and structure.

Learn to Segment Your Music Practice

Transform Your Music Practice Ritual

Workshop Topics:

  • Your Desire to Play Music
  • Recognize and Remove Obstacles
  • Get Your Game On and Don’t Forget the Feedback Loop!
  • Learn to Segment Your Music Practice
  • Interweave Your Segments

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and learn to segment your music practice.