Ceremonial Musician

How is ceremonial music different from a musical performance?

In a musical performance, the focus is on the musician(s). In a ceremony, the focus is on the ceremony. The musician(s) must be sensitive to the purpose of the event, and to play in such a way as to complement it.

Careful uses of silence, choice of melodic themes, appropriate volume, and other factors are all important. Ami creates a unique and enchanting soundscape that fits the moment and enhances the spirit of the ceremony.

Examples of ceremonial music include:

  • Labyrinth Walks
  • Retreats of many styles (art, spiritual, human development, etc.)
  • Funeral or End-of-Life Celebrations
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Other Rite of Passages

Generally, Ami does not play “songs,” but instead creates a soundscape that is appropriate for the ceremony.

Five Star Review

“At our creativity retreat in Carefree, Arizona, Ami treated us to ceremonial music as we walked the labyrinth. It added an extra layer of spirituality and sacredness to our group walk, and we all appreciated her Native American style flute.”

Kat Kirby
Owner of 2 Kat Studios